RNS Morning Report: House Passes No Ban Act; 'Wall of Moms' Teargassed; Teachers on SCOTUS Ruling

Rep. Rashida Tlaib claps in celebration on Wed. July 22, 2020 after the House of Representatives successfully voted 233-183 to repeal several travel bans against several African and Muslim-majority nations put in place by the Trump administration. Screengrab from a tweet shared by Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib.

Need to know: Thursday, July 23, 2020

Restriction Reversal

Separated Muslim families, civil rights groups welcome House passage of No Ban Act

The bill would repeal Trump’s travel bans against several African and Muslim-majority countries and restrict the president’s authority to enact such blanket immigration restrictions. More from Religion News Service

Protective Protest

A Christian writer joined the Wall of Moms to protest in Portland. Then they were tear-gassed.

'Within seconds, there’s flash-bangs at my feet, and we’re surrounded by tear gas. It was really disconcerting to realize how fast it happened, with no warning and no real reason.' More from Religion News Service

Roles Questioned

Teachers at religious schools fear Supreme Court took away their civil rights

This month’s Supreme Court ruling established that any religious school teacher who performs a religious function is beyond the reach of civil rights protections accorded to other workers. More from Religion News Service

Bias-Motivated Charges

Hate crime charge added for Colorado man accused of running over Sikh store owner

Prosecutors have added a hate crime charge against a man accused of striking a 61-year-old Sikh man with his car and leaving him for dead almost three months ago. More from Religion News Service

Study in Decline

State of the Bible: Left unread during the coronavirus pandemic

‘What we saw between January and June was that 13 million people in America, who were previously really engaging meaningfully with Scripture, no longer were, and that was a serious drop-off,’ said John Plake of the American Bible Society. More from Religion News Service

Flunking Sainthood

White evangelicals courted Trump's toxic masculinity for decades

Historian Kristin Du Mez says white evangelicals see in Trump the authoritarian leader who can conquer the threats to their dominance, writes Jana Riess. More from Religion News Service