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2017 inauguration

Protestant, Muslim, Atheist, Jew: 4 leftist perspectives a year into Trump’s presidency

By Emily McFarlan Miller — January 19, 2018
(RNS) — If Trump has invigorated the religious right in America, he has also galvanized the religious left.

Thou shalt not speak alternative facts: religion and lying

By Kimberly Winston — February 16, 2017
(RNS) The three Abrahamic religions -- Judaism, Christianity and Islam -- weigh in on the spiritual and moral consequences of telling a whopper.

With Trump at prayer service, clergy speak of compassion, diversity

By Adelle M. Banks — January 21, 2017
WASHINGTON (RNS) The president, a Presbyterian, folded his arms at times and sat silently for the most part during the 70-minute service.

Ivanka Trump gets a rabbinic pass to travel on Shabbat

By Yonat Shimron — January 20, 2017
JERUSALEM (RNS) Orthodox Jews like the new president’s daughter and her husband are not allowed to drive or ride in a vehicle on the Sabbath, which begins just as the post-inaugural balls in Washington for Trump will be starting.

Trump sworn in amid protests and a large assortment of clergy

By Emily McFarlan Miller — January 20, 2017
WASHINGTON (RNS) The new president took the oath on two Bibles and then pledged to wipe out "radical Islamic terrorism" in a dark speech cheered by supporters and protested by foes.

Prosperity, heresy and Trump: Inauguration pastor Paula White answers her critics

By Emily McFarlan Miller — January 19, 2017
(RNS) Paula White has been called the president-elect's "God whisperer" -- as well as a heretic and prosperity gospel charlatan. She responds in this interview.

Who’s praying at Trump’s inauguration? A mix of supporters, critics and firsts

By Emily McFarlan Miller — January 19, 2017
(RNS) Even critics among the six clergy at the swearing-in have something in common with the new president, be it a theology that supports wealth, shared political views or just geography.

Inauguration speaker Franklin Graham: God allowed Donald Trump to win

By Emily McFarlan Miller — December 30, 2016
(RNS) 'I believe (God's) hand was at work, and I think he's given Christians an opportunity,' evangelist Franklin Graham said of Donald Trump's surprise election.

Cardinal Dolan, Paula White to take part in presidential inauguration

By Emily McFarlan Miller — December 28, 2016
(RNS) The Presidential Inaugural Committee announced Wednesday the names of six faith leaders who will participate in the swearing-in ceremony of President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Michael Pence.

Protest grows against Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing at Trump’s inauguration

By Jana Riess — December 24, 2016
As backlash gains momentum against the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing at Donald Trump's inauguration, guest blogger Carol Lynn Pearson asks, "What would Jesus do?"
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