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iPhones and the risen Christ: What’s the connection?

A few years ago, Esther Emery was not a believer but she was burnt out. In a “desperate attempt for a reset,” she decided to take a year hiatus from technology. Surprisingly, her digital fast leads her into a profound experience with the...

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This woman’s abortion story will challenge your beliefs – no matter what they are

No matter which side of the abortion debate you’re on, Kassi Underwood will challenge your beliefs. In her book, “May Cause Love: An Unexpected Journey of Enlightenment After Abortion,” she admits her abortion was emotionally...

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A large Colorado congregation just became LGBT-inclusive. Here’s why it matters (COMMENTARY)

(RNS) One reason Denver Community Church's announcement will be a big deal in the world of American Christianity is precisely because it won't feel like a big deal to so many.