Mette Harrison

The five doctrines of ex-Mormonism

By Jana Riess — June 30, 2020
When Mette Harrison was an active Mormon, she found that many members of the LDS Church engaged in rigid, dogmatic thinking. Now she notices the same thing about the ex-Mormon community, just in reverse.

Mormon pioneer grit helped prepare me for this pandemic

By Jana Riess — May 22, 2020
"Even though I’m not attending the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints anymore, I had a moment of real gratitude that I’d been raised to have a year’s supply of food," says guest columnist Mette Harrison.

Even if I’m not a believing Mormon anymore, family will be forever

By Jana Riess — May 1, 2020
"Family is family," says guest blogger Mette Harrison. "And even if I’m not a believing Mormon anymore, family will be forever."

Apologizing after a Mormon faith transition

By Jana Riess — February 14, 2020
(RNS) — "If you’re someone who has realized that you’ve made mistakes on either side of this messy post-Mormon world, I recommend apologies," writes Mette Harrison.

The Mormons’ $100 billion fortune is not about the money, stupid

By Mette Harrison — January 20, 2020
(RNS) — 'I’m not trying to excuse the church’s massive nest egg here, just point out a reality of what I see happening,' says guest blogger Mette Harrison. 'Which is that it’s not about the money, stupid. It’s about loyalty.'

My Mormon sabbatical

By Mette Harrison — December 2, 2019
(RNS) — 'It’s likely at this point that my sabbatical will simply become permanent, a new way to interact with Mormonism and Mormons.'

What Mormonism taught me

By Jana Riess — September 30, 2019
Guest blogger Mette Harrison is not attending the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at the moment, but she loves it as much as anyone.

How to be Mormon, in just 73 easy steps!

By Jana Riess — July 30, 2019
Being Mormon can sometimes feel overwhelming, but Mette Harrison has boiled it down into 73 simple steps. (First rule: stop saying "Mormon.")

Mormonism is pro-environment

By Jana Riess — June 7, 2019
Mormon theology demands that we take care of the earth--and guest blogger Mette Harrison says the "make it do or do without" values of her LDS childhood helped her learn to do that.

This Mother’s Day, give Mormon women the gift of Heavenly Mother

By Jana Riess — May 10, 2019
"Experiences with Heavenly Mother in prayer and in poetry are an important part of me accepting and gradually coming to love myself," says guest blogger Mette Harrison.

The New Mormon Primary manuals were not designed with real children in mind

By Jana Riess — January 5, 2019
This weekend, Mormons around the world will start using the church's new curriculum. Primary teacher Mette Harrison says the lessons are going to be way over children's heads.

10 ways to imagine a New Mormonism

By Jana Riess — October 15, 2018
From dismantling patriarchy to having more potlucks, guest blogger Mette Harrison suggests 10 ways toward a kinder, gentler Mormonism.

Another Mormon excommunication, 25 years after the ‘September Six’

By Jana Riess — September 18, 2018
The excommunication of a former Mormon bishop has me flashing back to the "September Six," who were disciplined 25 years ago this week--just as I was baptized into the LDS Church.

When your Mormon child comes out … as trans

By Jana Riess — August 30, 2018
Two Mormon mothers discuss the unique struggles of raising transgender kids, especially when the LDS Church is not supportive or dismisses gender dysphoria as something that will be healed in the afterlife.

Being excluded from a Mormon temple wedding

By Jana Riess — June 22, 2018
Mette Harrison just sat out a Mormon temple wedding for the first time in her adult life, remaining outside while the rest of her family celebrated a sealing ceremony within. Why does the LDS Church exclude so many loved ones from a couple's big day?
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