RNS Morning Report: Aiding Refugees in Greece; Return to Worship Guide; Reviving Japanese Buddhism

The Home for All restaurant in Lesbos, Greece, is normally full of refugees and activities. The restaurant has been closed in recent months due to the coronavirus. Photo courtesy of Home for All

Need to know: Monday, June 15, 2020

Pandemic Obstructions

In Greece, pandemic deprives refugees of vital link to food and locals

A restaurant dedicated to feeding refugees and native Greeks alike awaits the country's reopening. More from Religion News Service

Practical Planning

Ready to go back to church? 10 things to consider before heading to worship

New resources for church members follow other initiatives to help clergy and congregations cope with the many questions swirling around reopening churches. More from Religion News Service

Feeding Spiritual Hunger

Young Japan priests try to breathe life into fading Buddhism

Buddhist leaders say a third of the country’s 75,000 temples are barely functioning, but a younger generation of priests is working to reverse the faith’s downward spiral. More from Religion News Service

Accelerated Closures

Amid pandemic, scores of US Catholic schools face closure

About 100 Catholic schools have announced in recent weeks that they won’t reopen this fall — that number could more than double in the coming months. More from Religion News Service

Articles of Faith

Sikhs and policing — the tension between freedom and justice

In a moment when so much is at stake, it feels critical that we make space for diverse approaches that move us in the right direction, writes Simran Jeet Singh. More from Religion News Service

Homage to Victims

Peru archbishop fills cathedral with portraits of Covid-19 victims

Lima cleric covers walls and pews with thousands of photographs while criticising health system ‘based on business and not on mercy’. More from The Guardian