RNS Morning Report: “Head of Christ” Depiction; Trump Rallies Faithful; Women Religious on Front Lines

Painting by Warner Sallman, “Head of Christ,” © 1941 Warner Press Inc., Anderson, Indiana. Used with permission

Need to know: Thursday, June 25, 2020

Problematic Depiction

How Jesus became white — and why it’s time to cancel that

Nearly a century later, both ‘Head of Christ’ and the criticism of the role it has played in enshrining Jesus as white endure. More from Religion News Service

'Religious Blitz'

In the wake of rocky polling, Trump camp doubles down on conservative Christians

But experts say the real question is whether his efforts will win over moderate evangelicals who appear to be second-guessing their support for Trump in light of his handling of the coronavirus and the George Floyd protests. More from Religion News Service

On the Front Lines

‘We didn’t even know where to begin.’ Nuns describe facing the pandemic in developing nations.

‘When I look at my sisters, I don’t see superwomen. I see women of great faith, of great compassion, generosity and determination, but also very vulnerable women.’ More from Religion News Service


The N-word of God: Envisioning the image of Christ

A war over Christs of different ethnicities, says an artist and iconographer, won’t bring humanity closer together in empathy or love, writes Mark Doox. More from Religion News Service


How to pray, talk and act across faiths without betraying your own

Interfaith work means saying ‘Amen’ to other people’s invocations and reading others’ Scripture. Omar Suleiman asks, at what point is accommodating other faiths’ beliefs still fruitful? More from Religion News Service

Targeted Violence

Atheists and humanists facing discrimination across the world, report finds

The report is largely based on testimony from 76 people in the eight countries surveyed. More from The Guardian