RNS Morning Report: McCarrick Letters Leaked; Hospital Chaplains; Brazilian Jews

Former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick listens during a news conference in Washington on May 16, 2006. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Need to know: Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Cardinal Sins

Newly released letters shine light on McCarrick allegations

McCarrick allegedly acknowledged in one letter that he shared his bed with seminarians, an act he called 'an unfortunate lack of judgment.' More from Religion News Service

Growing Field

Hospital chaplains stick to the heart of the job amid health care industry changes

As the American medical system grows more fast-paced, impersonal and complex, hospital chaplains help patients decipher next steps and counsel burned-out practitioners. More from Religion News Service

Unexpected Resurgence

After centuries of persecution, ‘lost’ Brazilian Jews struggle to regain t …

Thanks to new tools for the study of genealogy and the help of a welcoming rabbi, the Brazilian Bnei Anusim, or 'children of the coerced,' have taken their first steps to be fully recognized as Jews again. More from Religion News Service

Signs Of The Times

Equity requires new taxes and the enforcement of current laws

Tax avoidance is not a new topic for God's faithful: The Old Testament prophet Amos condemned the wealthy of his generation for the same tactics, writes Thomas Reese. More from Religion News Service


India’s Prime Minister Modi pursues politics of Hindu nationalism – what does …

Modi's win is also a victory for Hindutva, an ideology that states that India is the homeland of the Hindus, Sumit Ganguly writes. According to believers, those who profess other faiths can live in the country only with the passive tolerance of Hindus. More from Religion News Service

Voicing Opposition

Pope Francis says he is willing to condemn border wall directly to Trump

The Catholic leader told Mexico's Televisa that he is willing to personally tell the president that it is wrong to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. More from Huffpost





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