The Slingshot: Women deacons in. Lesbian pastor out. The ‘Baptist Moment’?

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Need to know: 08/04/2016


American on women deacons panel: ‘I feel like I’ve won the Academy Award’

Phyllis Zagano, a scholar at Hofstra University, is the only American woman named to the Vatican panel that will study whether women can be ordained as deacons. More from Religion News Service


Methodist pastor in Kansas placed on leave after coming out as a lesbian

The Rev. Cynthia Meyer said she is ‘heartbroken’ by the involuntary leave, which allows her to avoid a church trial. More from Religion News Service

Sneak peek

A new Mormon temple rises in Ben Franklin’s Philadelphia

The public gets a brief window to tour a temple soon to be closed to all but members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. More from Religion News Service

War of religion?

New Boko Haram leader vows to kill all Christians

This represents a major shift in strategy for the Nigerian extremists who have killed more Muslims than Christians in attacks in mosques with suicide bombers and gunmen. More from

Conscience or unconscionable?

Canada hospital’s refusal to eliminate a fetus from twin pregnancy triggers human rights battle

A hospital in Toronto refused to reduce a woman’s twin pregnancy to one fetus — at least partly because of a doctor’s moral objections – triggering a human-rights fight over the little-known but contentious procedure. More from National Post

Do they teach this in seminary?

Russian priest in record hot air balloon trip tells of 11 days without sleep

The Rev. Fedor Konyukhov, a Russian Orthodox priest who circumnavigated the world with only a Virgin Mary icon and a cross, barely ate and didn’t sleep. More from

Bonus tracks

Silver lining playbook

The rise of ‘The Baptist Moment’

As cultural Christianity takes its final breaths, Baptists may be ousted from any place of prominent cultural influence. But our theological convictions uniquely situate us to respond to the challenges posed by late modernity, writes Albert Mohler. More from

‘Trolle, lege,’ as Augustine might say

The evangelical case for voting for David Duke

“No, the truth is that I have credible reason to believe that Duke is a baby Christian,” writes Jake Meador. More from


How the polls inflate Trump’s evangelical vote

Support for Trump among evangelicals is likely 15 to 20 points lower than reported. More from Religion News Service

We're looking at you!

Why ‘Who should be the next president’ is the wrong question

It is time for us to be honest with ourselves: In continuing to obsess over which of these terrible candidates will be the next president, we are asking the wrong question, writes Charles Camosy. More from Religion News Service

First Amendment meets Second Amendment

Ex-deputy investigated after firing gun at church to blow off steam over Dallas ambush

The pastor of Shiloh Cumberland Presbyterian Church said that forgiving the former Somervell County deputy for the damage to the church was more important than punishing him. More from