Marijuana ministries * Chicken blood * Chocolate snakes: July’s Religious Freedom Recap

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A marijuana joint in an ashtray, with another joint, a pile and two jars full of more marijuana.

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Cannabis churches are billowing out across America. Chicken huggers are suing to keep ritual bird blood off Brooklyn’s sidewalks. And a South African prophet is being prosecuted for turning congregants into snakes and snakes into chocolate.

  • alice businelle

    please take a moment to sign my petition against the Westboro Baptist. It is linked to the WBC email, so there is also an option to send them a personal message without having to go to the disgusting website GODHATESFAGS.COM. my idea is to promote LBGT charity while ending the hateful and hurtful protests, even if you do not sign this, please, spread atleast one act of love today 🙂

  • Greg1

    The way I look at it, the way the world has gone completely off the rails, the end must be very very near. In the meantime, civil disobedience is the way of the future. When not even state governments follow federal laws, then who cares anymore. It is live the way you want, and do what you believe in, and forget about laws. If I worked as a Justice of the Peace, I’d turn down every gay couple that came to me, as it really means no difference what the law says anymore. As this article says, we now have pot churches. Where are the state officials? Why aren’t they arresting these people? So be it, civil disobedience works both ways: religious people can exercise their brand of it too.

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  • Wes

    Greg1, do have a google of the Olden Times Fallacy yo. Modern times also have many moral and well-being improvements over the past, such as better human rights and better medicine, by far.

    Best put aside your old bigotries and move on. It’s time to do that at least.

  • Greg1

    Wes, I’ve learned from the Leftists in our Country that civil disobedience is the way of the future in this land, so … I have no reason to acknowledge any SCOTUS decision, or any wacky laws that flip reality on its head. Medicine is good, heck yeah! But we have lost our moral compass. When you peer down a drain as the water spins downward from the coriolis effect, that is how I see the USA spinning under our Leftist president. My goodness, he might go and run Cuba next! Then all the Leftists can move south of the Florida border. Hey, maybe that is the solution to this issue!! Obama needs to learn Spanish.

  • Tom Downs

    Greg1, You do know the so called pot churches are fictions, just like the Postafairians, the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Moster. These were created as responses to the claims of right-wing Christians who deliberately incite rebellion against the laws governing separation of church and state. Right-wingers put up a Ten Commandment monument on the courthouse lawn, these folks demand equal treatment. The courts interpret a law created to protect religious practices as allowing a private business to ignore the laws governing workers healtcare, so some wise guy says I’ll create a religion that allows me to smoke pot. If you think this is all stupid, blame the Congress that made the law, the Supreme Court that interpreted it, and the wingers who demanded special rights for conservative Christians. It wasn’t liberals who created the situation. In none of these cases was the President involved. And give Fox as rest.