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@TobinGrant blogs for Religion News Service at Corner of Church and State, a data-driven conversation on religion and politics. He is a political science professor at Southern Illinois University and associate editor of the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion.

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Banning transgender bathrooms is like defending slavery (and that’s a good thing!?)

By Tobin Grant — April 6, 2016
We're not going to resolve the disagreements with analogies stretched and twisted like taffy.

Women also know stuff about religion & politics

By Tobin Grant — March 31, 2016
#WomenAlsoKnowStuff is raising the visibility of women political scientists

Four graphs show Trump dividing Americans emotionally, not ideologically

By Tobin Grant — March 29, 2016
Republicans and Democrats are moving away from Trump, but it's not because he's too far to the right

When two Pakistani students taught me the joy of religious freedom

By Tobin Grant — March 28, 2016
Do you feel joy from your freedom of religion?

Google searches for church should spike this week

By Tobin Grant — March 25, 2016
Hey Siri, when is church?

New data on Trump, evangelicals, & racism: Four key findings

By Tobin Grant — March 24, 2016
Trump reveals divisions rooted in racism

Real Americans are Christians?

By Tobin Grant — March 18, 2016
Most evangelicals, black Protestants say being a Christian is important to be truly American.

History of religion on Supreme Court in one graph

By Tobin Grant — March 16, 2016
Once all-Protestant, the Supreme Court shifted to no-Protestant in recent years.

Donald Trump says “Islam hates us,” but a nine-year-old says “Many Muslims are kind”

By Tobin Grant — March 11, 2016
My son repsonds to Donald Trump's rhetoric.

Sanders, Trump win in Dearborn, Michigan: Why this tells us NOTHING about Muslim voting

By Tobin Grant — March 9, 2016
Knee-jerk reactions from pundits reveal nothing other than their ignorance.

“A reconciliation that is not”: An open letter to Wheaton College president (GUEST POST)

By Tobin Grant — March 9, 2016
Wheaton asked for comments. James Skillen (and family) answered.

New data shows women clergy earn 85 to 90 cents for a man’s dollar (ANALYSIS)

By Tobin Grant — March 8, 2016
(RNS) The most surprising finding is that the pay gap does not diminish (and may grow wider) when we take into account education and experience.

Why is Trump appealing? Religious authoritarians and democracy don’t mix

By Tobin Grant — March 8, 2016
Religious authoritarians are often political authoritarians.

New data confirms pay gap among clergy: Women earn 85 to 90 cents for a man’s dollar

By Tobin Grant — March 7, 2016
Female clergy are paid less even when education and experience are taken into account.

How does Trump attract religious conservatives? Here’s one possibility

By Tobin Grant — March 2, 2016
Religious conservatives may be connected to a key personality trait: they need strong authority.
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